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  • McAuliffe Center-led 热图运动 Identifies Urban Heat Islands Where Temperatures Register More than 10 Degrees Hotter Than Greener Areas

    McAuliffe Center-led 热图运动 Identifies Urban Heat Islands Where Temperatures Register More than 10 Degrees Hotter Than Greener Areas

    The results from an Urban 热图运动 led by 皇冠足球即时比分’s Christa McAuliffe Center in July are in, 提供确凿证据,证明极端气温给城市居民带来的负担日益加重.

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  • 大众生命科学中心


    The 大众生命科学中心 has approved more than half a million in funding to 皇冠足球即时比分 for the purchase of two state-of-the-art pieces of equipment critical to the study of the life sciences.

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  • 玛丽莎同伴画-倾斜,站立,崩溃

    The Fall Exhibitions at 皇冠足球即时比分’s Danforth Art Museum focus on the work of three New England-based artists

    The Fall Exhibitions at the Danforth Art Museum focus on the work of three New England-based artists working across media, 接近毅力的主题, 弹性, 和验收.

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  • 项目入口匝道连接FSU学生与蓬勃发展的当地生物技术产业的职业生涯


    It's a dream come true for any recent college graduate–landing a good job right out of school in a thriving industry that provides ample opportunity for career growth.

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  • & 世界报告-最好的大学-地区大学-北方 & 公众,2023 - 2024年

    皇冠足球即时比分被评为北方地区顶尖大学 U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道

    皇冠足球即时比分 has been ranked as a Top Regional University in the North Region for 2023-2024 by U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道,该网站于9月9日周一发布了年度排名. 18.

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  • 宁静的形象


    Worcester Technical High School graduate Marlin Polanco was terrified about the prospect of accumulating a lot of debt while trying to pay her way through college. 萨尔瓦多移民的女儿, 她是家里第一个上大学的人, Polanco knew that her parents would not be able to contribute a lot to her education during tough financial times.

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  • 约瑟夫这套


    皇冠足球即时比分 is pleased to announce the hiring of 约瑟夫这套 to serve as the University’s next Chief of Police.

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  • FSU西班牙语荣誉协会


    皇冠足球即时比分’s Nu Theta Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi (the National Hispanic Honors Society) was chosen by the Sigma Delta Pi National Executive Committee as an Honor Chapter for the 2022-2023 academic year and recipients of the prestigious Phoenix Award.

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  • 热图运动

    Framingham State’s McAuliffe Center Plays a Leading Role in Regional Climate Adaptation Efforts with 热图运动

    A team of 42 trained volunteers spread throughout an 80-square-mile area of the region on July 13th with special equipment to gauge temperatures and humidity data in the City of Framingham and towns of 亚什兰, 纳蒂克, 和Holliston. 

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  • 拉姆齐安慰犬


    The newest recruit at 皇冠足球即时比分’s Police Department weighs about 10 pounds and is still getting accustomed to standing on all fours, 但假以时日,他将成为社区的重要资产.

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  • 南希•尼米

    涅米校长重申FSU的准入承诺, 在最高法院的平权行动决定之后,平等和包容

    The following is a message President Niemi sent to the 皇冠足球即时比分 community on June 29th, 在美国政府公布了这一计划之后.S. 最高法院对平权法案的裁决.

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  • Ayanna Pressley

    Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley Tells 皇冠足球即时比分 Graduates to "Take Up Space" in the World

    Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley urged 皇冠足球即时比分’s graduating class of 2023 to be their authentic selves and take up space in the world during a packed ceremony at the DCU Center on Sunday, 5月21日.

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  • 南希•尼米

    Dr. 南希年代. 涅米宣誓就任皇冠足球即时比分第17任校长

    Dr. 南希年代. Niemi made a passionate defense of public higher education and its vital importance to democracy during her inauguration speech on Friday, 5月5日, 在宣誓就任皇冠足球即时比分第17任校长之后, 美国第一所为教师教育而建立的公立大学.

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  • 虹膜P. Godes

    皇冠足球即时比分招聘虹膜P. 戈德斯担任战略招生管理学院新院长

    皇冠足球即时比分激动地宣布聘用虹膜P. 戈德斯将于2023年5月22日起担任战略招生管理主任.

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  • 玛丽莲一. 佳利律师事务所

    皇冠足球即时比分任命博士. 玛丽莲一. 佳利律师事务所成为研究生和继续教育学院的新院长

    皇冠足球即时比分激动地宣布任命. 玛丽莲一. 佳利律师事务所被任命为研究生和继续教育学院院长,自2023年6月19日起生效.

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  • 曼库索人文劳动力准备中心


    在美国,学习人文学科的学生人数持续减少, 尽管人文专业的学生可以获得包括写作在内的技能, 沟通, 批判性思维, 解决问题, 以及对多元文化的理解——越来越受到雇主的追捧.

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  • 随着极端天气和与气候相关的灾害越来越频繁,西MetroWest, 弗雷明汉市和纳蒂克镇, 亚什兰, 和霍利斯顿发现了极端高温和高温

    McAuliffe Center Selected to Participate in an Urban Heat Mapping Project Organized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

    随着极端天气和与气候相关的灾害越来越频繁,西MetroWest, 弗雷明汉市和纳蒂克镇, 亚什兰, 和霍利斯顿发现了极端高温和高温er temperatures as a top hazard to vulnerable residents in their communities.

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  • 劳里Richards-Farnsworth


    皇冠足球即时比分 student 劳里Richards-Farnsworth is the 2023 recipient of the Massachusetts Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Outstanding Student award.

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  • Ayanna Pressley

    Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) to Deliver Commencement Address to the 皇冠足球即时比分 Class of 2023

    皇冠足球即时比分自豪地宣布.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) has been selected as the keynote speaker for the 2023 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony on 5月21日.

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  • 毕业典礼人


    皇冠足球即时比分, 与加速未来(ATF)合作, 私人家族基金会, 最近收到$1.39 million from the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services (HHS) to diversify and expand the state’s pipeline of behavioral health specialists.

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  • 体育管理专业


    皇冠足球即时比分 is excited to announce the launch of a new Bachelor of Science in Sports Management within the College of 业务 following approval by the Massachusetts Department of Higher 教育. 

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